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Future of Creative Technology Conference

Today I made a trip to DeMontford University to attend their one day conference on the Future of Creative Technology. The morning kicked off with a technology workshop with Jerry Fishenden from Microsoft. He seemed to have a bit of an agenda to push Surface, which seemed unnecessary given the audience, but he did demonstrate something I hadn't seen from Microsoft Research, that allowed 2D space to be plotted into… Read More »Future of Creative Technology Conference

Evolution of a Girl Gamer

I have been gaming for all of my life; Space Invaders was released in the same year I was born. I’ve been thinking back about not only how the technology has changed but how my gaming habits have also changed. What started with playing arcade tables in pubs and evolved through to Rock Band on an Xbox360. My early and only console gaming for a long time was Wizard of… Read More »Evolution of a Girl Gamer

Game City 3

Although it was over a fortnight ago I still want to write about the Game City 3 event that occurred in Nottingham. It was a three day event, but I was only able to attend on the last day. It is great to events like this organised outside of London. While I enjoyed the event and I’m glad I attended, overall I’m not sure the event was as well organised… Read More »Game City 3

Power of Recommendation

Recommendation has always played a significant role in purchasing decisions. This is why customer service is so important; because you knew if someone had an exceptionally good/bad experience that they would be in the pub that evening telling all their friends. So along comes the internet and suddenly that highly vocal individual can be shouting your praises/damnation to a much wider audience and much quicker. Even if the individual involved… Read More »Power of Recommendation

Shiny new site

Welcome to my first blog post. It’s been a long time coming, but at last I have managed to re-launch my website and blog. It’s a great feeling and fills me with optimism as it has been a long journey and I did wonder at times if I would ever get this far. But this is really just the beginning; now I have to write something interesting… The web has… Read More »Shiny new site