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Web & UI Design

Latest trends and themes within the web design, both technically and aesthetically.

The Magic of Interface Design

While reading Derren Brown’s book 'Tricks of the Mind' (thanks Simon) I began to see some overlap between performing close-up magic and designing user interfaces; it comes down to understanding and predicting your audience’s attention. The approach however is from opposite sides of the problem; while the interface designer tries to focus the attention of the user to enable them to achieve a task, the magician relies on our inability… Read More »The Magic of Interface Design

Future of Creative Technology Conference

Today I made a trip to DeMontford University to attend their one day conference on the Future of Creative Technology. The morning kicked off with a technology workshop with Jerry Fishenden from Microsoft. He seemed to have a bit of an agenda to push Surface, which seemed unnecessary given the audience, but he did demonstrate something I hadn't seen from Microsoft Research, that allowed 2D space to be plotted into… Read More »Future of Creative Technology Conference

Shiny new site

Welcome to my first blog post. It’s been a long time coming, but at last I have managed to re-launch my website and blog. It’s a great feeling and fills me with optimism as it has been a long journey and I did wonder at times if I would ever get this far. But this is really just the beginning; now I have to write something interesting… The web has… Read More »Shiny new site