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Butterfly by noah-kh

While browsing the web I often find images that amaze me, so I'm going to post links to those that I find. The aim is help promote their work and give credit where it is due. It also doesn't hurt to add a bit of colour to my site and if you like the same things as me you can subscribe to the RSS feed and add a little colour to your RSS reader too.

Here is my first submission, it is quite a few years old now and noah-kh has produced some amazing work, but this remains one of my favourites. You can buy a print of it and see in a larger scale on deviantART.

Butterfly by noah=kh

1 thought on “Butterfly by noah-kh”

  1. I’m getting a mix of a friend of mine, the kangaroos from Tank Girl and the queen from snow white. I love how it’s named after the butterfly. You really don’t notice it at first! 🙂

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